What Are Common Causes of Roof Damage?

The roof is a crucial part of your house. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, and it keeps you and your family warm. Unfortunately, roofs can sustain damage too.

Aside from material and age, roof damage can be from anything from harsh weather to pests. Naturally, you can’t avert all roof damage as a homeowner. However, understanding what can damage your roof and notifying a professional early of any damage is key to ensuring your roof lasts. Below are some of the culprits that could potentially cause a problem on your roof.

Improper Slope

The slope, also known as the pitch, is one significant factor that affects a roof’s longevity. The slope of your roof change how the roof handles water. A flat or low slope might cause water pools or ice dams around eaves, leading to leaks.

A leak can cause severe damage to ceilings and walls, and water that sits on a roof for a long while can rot the roofing components. An improperly sloped roof can also cause serious structural damage to your home, warranting costly repairs.

If you choose a flat or low-slope roof, consider investing in robust roofing material. In addition, have professionals perform one or two roof inspections per year.

Poor Installation

A roof’s lifespan also depends on how the contractor installs the roofing material. Poor installation can cause many issues for your roof. Suppose an inexperienced installer follows wrong techniques during installation. You may still experience premature roof damage even with the best roofing materials.

Therefore, choosing a licensed and experienced contractor is crucial to ensure the proper installation of your roof. A poorly installed roof is expensive to maintain, as you will need frequent repair or a replacement altogether.

Also, ensure that the contractors installing the roof use quality tools and materials.

Inadequate Ventilation and Insulation

Always ensure that your attic has adequate insulation. Insulation keeps the cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer. When warm air can’t escape through vents or louvres, it builds up inside your attic, causing heat to build up as well.

Heat can lead to moisture buildup and mold problems in the wood framing supporting your roof sheathing and decking boards.

A quality ventilation system allows hot air out of your attic since temperatures can get too high inside your attic. Proper insulation and ventilation can help your roof gain extra years. Additionally, the insulation also reduces your energy bills.

Extreme Weather

Roofs are very susceptible to damage from extreme weather. Therefore, climate is one of the leading causes of roof damage. Roofs are susceptible to all kinds of weather: heat and sun exposure, rain, snow, and wind. Your roof has to survive it all.

Heavy rain can cause leaks, leading to mold growth and other problems. Hail can wreak havoc on your roof by puncturing shingles and damaging the underlayment. Snow can build up on your roof, causing ice dams that lead to leaks. If you live in an area prone to harsh weather, have professional roof inspections regularly.

The roof material can have an enormous effect on its life expectancy. However, what is not as very well-known are the factors above that contribute to shortening a roof’s lifespan. Awareness of roof damage causes, combined with proactive measures, can prevent their occurrence and protect your roof investment from premature repair or replacement.

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