Residential Roof Replacement in Humble, TX

Do you know who to call if your Texas roof is starting to fail? STX Roofing, Houston’s trusted roofer and home exterior contractor, specializes in residential roof replacement, ensuring durability and quality for homeowners. To illustrate our commitment to Houston-area homeowners, we spotlight a recent project serving a Humble, TX resident.

STX Roofing: Premier Residential Roof Replacement in Humble, TX

The Humble homeowner, referred by another satisfied client, faced significant issues with their old roof. Storm damage led to granule loss on their shingles, as well as lifted and missing shingles. Their neighbor’s roof looked great, so they asked which local roofing company had helped them. When the homeowner said STX Roofing, they gave us a call to talk about their options. Homeowners may think that storm damage repair is best, but a total residential roof replacement can often fix the problem for less!

We consulted closely with the client to find just the right material for their roof, looking to match their exterior. We were ready to start once they’d approved new shingles and scheduled the project. Our skilled team’s replacement process began with the meticulous removal of the old roofing. The decking and supports were inspected, with repairs and replacements made to damaged sections. Installation of flashing and high-quality GAF roofing materials ensued. A thorough quality check and property cleanup completed this Humble, TX project, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Wondering if you need a replacement? Look up! Your roofing provides subtle indicators when replacement is due. Leaks during rainstorms or drafts of cold air hint at underlying issues. Purchasing an older residential property may also warrant a replacement for peace of mind. A dependable roof is crucial, especially during extreme weather like the hurricanes we see in the Houston area. New materials can also provide value over time. Effective insulation can slash heating and cooling costs, enhancing overall property functionality and safety.

Secure Your Home with STX Roofing’s Expert Residential Roof Replacement Services

Fortunately, STX Roofing stands ready to simplify your life with our top-notch residential roof replacement services. We’re committed to transforming your Humble, TX home into a secure haven. For inquiries and appointments with our skilled technicians, contact us today!

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