5 Signs to Get New Gutters

Your gutter system is crucial for preventing a rainy day from ruining the interior and exterior of your home. While most gutters have a lifespan of 20 years, you might have to replace them a little sooner. But identifying when to opt for a gutter replacement can be daunting for new homeowners. The following are some signs you need new gutters.

1. Large Cracks That Need More Than Small Patches

When cracks or holes cause your gutters to leak, you might not have to replace the entire gutter system. Applying a small patch of plastic cement may seal small holes in the gutters. But, for large cracks that need more than a patch of sealant, leaks will worsen with each storm. In this case, adding a layer of flashing over the fissure is a temporary fix — you will eventually have to install new gutters.

2. Mildew or Pools of Water Around the Foundation

Mildew and pools of water in your home are red flags that you need new gutters. If your gutters are dripping, you will often find mildew or stagnant water around your home’s foundation. This may be due to a clog. Therefore, unclogging the gutters could fix the problem. A gutter system defect may also cause it. Mildew or pools of water can cause significant foundation damage. To avoid costly repairs, get new gutters.

3. Peeling Paint on Exterior Surfaces

Malfunctioning gutters can cause you to repaint the exterior surfaces of your home. If you notice peeling paint on the exterior siding of your home, this may be due to excess moisture. However, the problem could also be with the gutters near the section of peeled-away paint. If your painted gutters are peeling, they may be leaking. Where peeling paint affects more than a few spots, consider gutter replacement.

4. Clogged Gutters

Often, leaves and twigs get on roofs and fall into the gutters. Too much debris causes blockages. This prevents water from flowing through the downspout. As a result, water can spill over the sides.

Additionally, stagnant water in the gutters tends to increase the risk of leaks because it damages the edge of your roof. A snow dam forms when clogged gutters freeze. This dam prevents water from flowing off your roof.

Accumulating stagnant water in your gutters causes them to sag, pulling them away from your home. In this case, the best solution is to install new gutters with a shutter system. Since the shutter system is on top of the gutter, it blocks debris and minimizes the likelihood of clogs.

5. Frequent Maintenance

You should maintain your gutters to work efficiently. However, many forget or postpone maintenance duties like reapplying sealant and repainting. These small manageable issues turn into costly affairs. For example, you may have to deal with foundation problems and mildew because of failing to maintain your gutters. To relieve you of frequent maintenance of gutters, install new seamless gutters.

One length of gutter material makes up a seamless gutter. The gutters require less maintenance since they do not have seams, so they do not need as many sealants. Additionally, these new gutters are compatible with modern gutter protection systems, which remove debris and leave gutters clear.

New gutter systems are the pride of any homeowner. From improving the aesthetics of your home to reducing the likelihood of leakages and foundation problems, a new gutter system can amount to huge savings. STX Roofing has been in the construction industry for years and is guaranteed to provide quality roofing and guttering services. For top-notch workmanship, call us today to replace your gutter system.

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